Citrocel® Bamboo towels

"The philosophy of social cleanliness"


Social Cleanliness

Society is becoming more and more critical with respect to hygiene. We are flooded with reports of stomach flu, food poisoning or the next flu epidemic. Today's consumer want a clean lifestyle in which he can feel safe and comfortable.

Although hampered by social interaction, personal hygiene remains the foundation of infection prevention. Citrocel goes beyond the limitations of our personal sphere, by involving others.

Why should you support Citrocel?

Despite growing importance of good hygiene, behavioural change is not always observed. Citrocel understands that social awareness needs to be cultivated. We believe that this can be achieved through market stimulation.

One should understand that personal hygiene is dependent upon our fellow man; for we cannot monitor, nor control other people's hygiene.

How we support Social Cleanliness?

Citrocel wants to be present where hygiene is desired, or direct contact takes place. Our product reduces the risk of infection for you and your contacts while your organization’s image gets a boost.

The philosophy of Citrocel is that it should be freely accessible to its users.

What is Citrocel?

Citrocel, a rolled-up and wet, pre-packed towel. It consists of 100% bamboo, therefore it is 100% biodegradable. The dimensions are 24 to 25 cm.

The liquid used is the patented Citrox®; a formulation of soluble bioflavonoids obtained from citrus fruits. The non-toxic and antimicrobial properties of natural bioflavonoids are well documented.

Do you feel affiliated to our cause and vision, please contact us. We appreciate your response.